Why Harbinger

Harbinger Research is a good choice for those companies that need improved liquidity, an expanded shareholder base, and a fairer market valuation. Such companies tend to be committed to excellence in their business, and would like their research coverage to reflect that commitment.

Our research coverage and other services are reasonably priced, and offer a superior value in terms of quality and breadth of distribution. We believe that in general "you get what you pay for" and we certainly believe this to be true in regards to research coverage. That said, the benefits that come from having truly high-quality research coverage are myriad, and in comparison, the investment we require is minimal.

What is “High Quality” Research?
The quality of research coverage clearly depends on the depth and predictive value of the analysis itself, although it is often judged by several additional factors.

Dimension Low-Quality High-Quality
"The Analysis" Tends to be somewhat superficial. Lacks insight and true analysis, and often reads like corporate PR. Is based on in-depth industry and company-specific information, and embodies true analytical thought and cogent arguments. Suggests rational investment thesis and risks assessment based on available information and data.
“Completeness” Minimal or non-existent treatment of competition, risks, and potentially adverse industry trends. Lightweight verbal “fluff”, often reflective simply of corporate press releases. Complete coverage of all decision-relevant information, including competition, strength of IP rights, and myriad other factors.
“Look-and-Feel” Poorly or amateurishly formatted reports. Tend to be poorly organized and plagued with typographical errors. Professionally presented, allowing even informationally-dense topics to be easily understood. Well organized sections and layout.
“The Writing” In general, poorly written text, reflective of bad grammar and little or no organization of ideas. Well-written and intelligently organized text. Easy to read and understand. Reflective of a logical progression of ideas that leads to an investment thesis.
Objectivity Often reads more like marketing material than research, may even contain “marketing” product sections or pictures from company brochures. Reads like a two-sided, objective analysis of a company’s situation, in terms of strengths and weaknesses.
Financial Models

May lack models entirely; if models are included, they tend to be income-related only, and lack supporting models and real-world based structure. True operating variables not modeled nor understood

Complete financial models including P&L, Cash Flow, and Balance Sheet, and also including segment-by-segment growth projections and margin analyses. Accurate reflection of true operating variables allows for analysis of various future scenarios.

Please take the time to compare our research with that produced by our competitors - it will become immediately apparent why Harbinger Research is the best choice for your company

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